NATIONAL SHUTDOWN: We’re Not Fighting, Don’t Try Us – Malema Warns Law Enforcers

Image:The Citizen

Julius Malema, the head of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has advised law enforcement officers not to intimidate anyone who would be taking part in their nationwide shutdown protest on Monday.

Malema claimed that he had learned that police have been told to use excessive force on Monday.

On Wednesday, he was speaking at a press conference held at the EFF headquarters in Johannesburg.

Malema stated that the Constitution protects the right to demonstrate, which is a significant right.

“Fighters defend yourself,” said Malema adding that members should respond doubly to any heavy-handedness.
“Show them what you can do. We are not going to give the other side. We’re coming in peace; we’re not fighting anyone but don’t try us.

The national combined operations and intelligence structure is on high alert for any indications of disruption on the day of the anticipated EFF protest, according to police spokesman Athlenda Mathe.

“We will not tolerate any lawlessness and any act of criminality if people are found to be looting, if people are found to be distracting any property whether be it private or public property. They will be dealt with accordingly within the ambit of the law.”

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