NKENKE KEKANA: Recalling Ramaphosa So Close to an Anc Conference is Too Risky

Image: EWN

Nkenke Kekana, the head of communications for the African National Congress (ANC), stated that it would not be wise for the party to recall Cyril Ramaphosa thus close to its 55th national elective conference.

Instead, he urged Ramaphosa to make moral decisions as he navigated the crises at hand.

Even though the ANC’s leadership election is only 10 days away, Ramaphosa’s future will be discussed on Monday in light of the publication of the Section 89 panel’s report on the Phala Phala scandal.

It concluded that Ramaphosa can be impeached because he delayed to report the 2020 break-in at his Phala Phala farm in Limpopo.

On Monday at Nasrec, the ANC NEC will have a special meeting to discuss the issue.

According to Kekana’s reflections on ANC issues, it would be simply too dangerous to recall Ramaphosa thus close to their conference, which is scheduled to take place in around two weeks.

In an article he wrote, he stated that the ANC had advanced too far to be hindered by suggestions that might be overturned by a legal review or that had not yet been put to the test via parliamentary impeachment procedures.

Although Kekana acknowledged that he was not in a position to challenge Ramaphosa’s ownership of his personal funds legally, he did successfully criticize the ANC leader on the morals front.

He argued that despite expectations that Ramaphosa would promote moral leadership, the Phala Phala scandal has now overtaken the years’ worth of hard work.

The head of communications for the ANC, who is tight with Paul Mashatile and undoubtedly wants to see the acting secretary-general advance within the group, also conveyed his extreme disgust in Ramaphosa for allowing a personal problem to tarnish his reputation.

Regarding the saga’s effect on the ANC, Kekana remarked that as the party was rapidly approaching its national conference, everyone should be aware of it.

Ramaphosa was urged by Kekana to consider whether his conduct was consistent with the reform program he had been pursuing.

On Monday morning when the NEC meets, he and more than 80 other members will have the opportunity to discuss the issue.

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