Putin Orders Destruction of All Covid-19 Vaccines in Russia


Federal Service Bureau agent Andrei Zakharov told News reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the destruction of all Covid-19 vaccine stockpiles on Russian soil, citing an undeniable connection between what has been dubbed the “Moscow Vax” and a sudden surge of HIV infections in vaccinated persons.

Although Putin has not made a formal announcement, he has tasked his right-hand man, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, with purging hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies of the Sputnik and CoviVac vaccine variants. The military will ensure compliance by auditing vaccine repositories and performing spot inspections.

Also, Putin has ordered the execution of 130 scientists responsible for creating the Sputnik vaccines. Federal Service Bureau agent Andrei Zakharov said that Vladimir Putin, arrived at the inescapable conclusion that vaccines could cause a person to develop HIV and AIDS, he added that Putin, has remained “pureblood,” or unvaccinated, but one of his daughters was diagnosed with HIV two weeks after she’d taken her third jab.

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