Tembisa Pays More For Electricity Than Other Areas Of Ekurhuleni, According To A Forum

Image: The South African

According to the Tembisa Community Forum, residents of the township must pay outrageously higher electricity rates than those in other parts of the City of Ekurhuleni.

A participant in the community forum named Xolani Mnisi claimed that many people in the township were left in the dark as a result because they were unable to purchase electricity.

Numerous locals protested on the streets on Monday, demanding that Tania Campbell, the mayor, personally address their complaints.


Four people lost their lives as a result of violent clashes between residents and police.

There was also fire damage to vehicles and buildings owned by the municipality.

“Tembisans are not claiming they don’t want to pay, which is the root of the issue. All along, Tembisans have been paying. Tembisans, however, claim that the charges we are receiving are incorrect because they are much higher than those in any other township in Ekurhuleni “said Mnisi.

In the meantime, the Tembisa police’s actions have been denounced by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Leigh-Ann Mathys, a spokeswoman for the party: “Tembisa is experiencing service delivery protests as a result of the ongoing increase in the cost of living, which can be attributed to inflation if it isn’t rising prices for gasoline or electricity. Our society has historically been characterized by general poverty.”

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