Thales And Jacob Zuma Are Expected In Court For The Start Of The Arms Deal Trial


On Monday, Jacob Zuma and Thales will appear in the Pietermaritzburg High Court for the start of the arms deal trial.
However, with the former president’s legal team anticipated to request another postponement, it is unclear whether it will proceed at this time.
Judge Piet Koen did not mince words when he refused Zuma’s application for leave to appeal the outcome of his special plea and several other relief that he had sought, and ordered the trial to begin today, adding that the prosecution had already been “considerably and unfairly” delayed.
While the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) has already declined to hear a second appeal, Zuma is now attempting to enlist the help of Judge President Mandisa Maya.
Meanwhile, his legal team predicted that the case would end up in the Constitutional Court, and that a forced trial at this point would be prejudicial to Zuma and a “exercise in futility.”
The state is expected to fight the postponement, with National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokeswoman Mthunzi Mhaga declaring on Sunday that any further delay would not be in the best interests of any party.

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