Wet and Cold Weather Projection for Western Cape


The region is anticipated to see heavy rain and extremely chilly conditions on Thursday as a result of the cold front that arrived on Wednesday night. In some places, the peak temperature is only predicted to reach 10°C.

On Thursday, the Western Cape is expected to experience cold and rainy weather.

The region, as well as some areas of the Northern Cape, are anticipated to see heavy rain and extremely cold weather as a result of a cold front that made landfall on Wednesday night.

According to Samkelo Magwala, a weather forecaster, some places may only get highs of 10°C.

“South African Weather Service has issued a warning for disruptive rainfall yellow Level 3. We also issue a warning for damaging waves for difficulty navigating at sea.”

Rain was not expected in Gauteng, according to forecaster Mbavhi Maliage, although colder temperatures could be anticipated over the weekend.

“We aren’t expecting any rainfall for Gauteng up until Saturday. We are expecting our temperatures to be a little bit cooler going into the weekend.”

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