Multichoice Explains Why It Discontinued The Broadcast Of Rt On Dstv

Image: TV with Thinus

The JSE-listed company made the declaration several hours after MultiChoice customers expressed concern about the channel’s abrupt shutdown without prior notice.

MultiChoice stated that the decision to remove Russia’s state-backed broadcaster RT from DStv was not made by the firm.

The broadcasting business announced in a statement late Wednesday that a global distributor of the channel had ceased supplying feed to providers, including MultiChoice.

The JSE-listed firm made the declaration several hours after users of MultiChoice raised concerns over the channel’s abrupt shutdown without prior notice.

State-owned RT, formerly known as Russia Today, has been blocked in a number of European nations as a result of EU sanctions.

The channel, which operates 21 bureaus worldwide, is bearing the brunt of Russia’s lethal unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

The Russian-backed media organization is famed for boosting President Vladimir Putin’s talking points, and its popularity has dwindled substantially in recent days, with cable companies and social media corporations swiftly limiting its reach.

The actions of television providers and technology companies against RT have dealt the outlet one of the most severe blows in its history, limiting the Kremlin’s ability to peddle its narrative at a critical time when the country’s international standing has deteriorated as a result of its unprovoked war on Ukraine.

MultiChoice has announced that the channel would be inaccessible in the United States until further notice.


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